Fluoride Water Filter Tap Master Jr. F2 Countertop Water Filter

Fluoride water filter of this modification features an advanced and greatly improved multi-stage water filter which meets all the requirements of those who wants to have quality water in their taps. This water filter is made to eliminate more than 90 percent of arsenic, fluoride and even selenium from the water we usually use for drinking and cooking. Foul tastes and unpleasant odor of the tap water are usually created by different chemicals such as chlorine, TOCs, VOCs and other contaminants. The multi-stage filter removes them all at a touch.

The special Channel Blockers of the tap of the water filter are designed to create even filtration and at the same time it enables to avoid the unwilling problems which are often found in other granular filters of competitor type.

If you want to get optimum fluoride filtration in the Fluoride Water Filter Tap Master Jr. F2 you should change the filter at least once in every three months or after each 500 gallons. It all much depends on the degree of water hardness. The purification of taste and odor of water will continue even long after fluoride filtration. Of course, it will give much pleasure to the water filter users, but regular change of the filter is a must.

There is a very important note for those who search the internet to get the water filter: some web sites dealing with fluoride removing water filters are promising the figure of five thousand ppm to indicate the life of the filter. In real life the things are a bit different: only three hundred gallons. The 5000 ppm is not a complete lie, but such results can be only achieved in the conditions of a laboratory. The real gallonage is much shorter due to the quality of municipal tap water. Such water usually contains some other substances (calcium) which are also get filtered by fluoride water filter and so reduce its life.

The installation of the water filter is very easy and can be done in three short steps. Following the instructions, you can easily install the filter yourself without consulting a plumber. It saves both time and money.

The Improved Oxygenation system of the tap and the water filter is now provided with a new Aerator Tip Spout. It makes the tap water much better than the bottled one.

The ten year limited warranty is provided for this particular modification.

The Tap Master Jr. series are professionally designed and come fully and completely assembled. The set includes: countertop professional purification system, filter, sink faucet diverter, valve, additional 15/16″ x 13/16″ adapter for the sink faucet, long reach chrome faucet, extra flexible connection for tubing of heavy duty, easy Installation instructions and a Warranty card.