Fluoride Water Filter PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount Chrome FM-3700B

Fluoride water filter from PUR is made in a chrome design and doesn’t require any special tool to start working as clicks on any standard faucet. Each filter is easily capable to provide up to 100 gallons of fresh water which means about two or three month of working.  The purification system of this three-stage filter keeps all the pollutants within its system so that lead, sediment, chlorine, microbial cysts can’t reach your children’s organisms.

The filter is provided with a built-in replacement indicator which makes it convenient to work with.

The three stages of filtration are the following: first, the dirt, rust and other sediments are trapped by the first filter; on the second stage the filter reduces pollutants, contaminants and different bacteria which can be illness-inducing. In the third final stage the water is enriched with minerals giving it more pleasant taste and smell.

PUR water filter is a long-term filter and capable to provide about 100 gallons of fresh water and can be used for about two and a half or even three month.

The filtration of the second stage is provided by usage an activated carbon microfilter which easily removes a lot of contaminants (which are usually found in municipal water as well as in well water) harmful for  human health.

The PUR filter is capable to remove up to 98 % of water chlorination and also much reduces the unpleasant odor and the taste of chloride water.  At the same the filter practically absolutely (99 %) removes such harmful heavy metals as lead, industrial wastes (asbestos), microbes and their cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia) and pharmaceuticals (antidepressants, antibiotics).

The One-Click Filter Installation requires no special tools. If you have any standard faucet, the filter can be snapped onto it. Notice: the pull-out faucets and the PUR filter are not compatible. With a simple button push you can easily remove the filter and change it into the new one.

The filter can swivel 360 degrees so to give you the complete access all sides of the sink.  To activate and to turn off the water filter you use a simple switch. It saves much time which is so necessary in the kitchen.

To make the usage if the PUR filter even more pleasant and convenient, the built-in electronic indicator of filter life is put into the system. The three colors (green, yellow or red) flash depending on the degree of the filter usage. Red color means that there is the time to update the water filter.

The PUR water filter set of this modification includes one faucet mount and one filter replacement.

The Faucet Mount Units are going through redesign and upgrade very often which makes the installation of it even easier than before.