Fluoride Removal Dual Undercounter Water Filter Purifier with KDF & GAC

Fluoride water filter of this modification is a double under sink water filter with a Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) cartridge which serves to remove not only Chloride from the water you drink, but also greatly reduces the amount of Heavy Metals such as Lead. In addition to the main unit there is also an Alumina activated cartridge which removes   different Chemicals from the water such as Fluoride.

The next and not the last advantage of the water filter is that it leaves some beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium which are so necessary for a human organism. So it becomes very convenient to have quality fresh water so close at hand. Besides, the water filter is very economical as the GAS cartridge is of  twelve thousand gallon rating.

The Fluoride Removal Dual Undercounter Water Filter Purifier with KDF & GAC features a typical chrome faucet with a convenient black plastic handle and a the same black plastic tip. It is 8.75″ tall with a quality swivel spout reaching up to 5.5″. the set also includes polyethylene tubing of high pressure and EZ valve connector, a housing wrench (which is very convenient) and a mounting bracket.

The installation of the water filter takes less than a few minutes due to quick-connect fittings of special design. The installation is completed at a snap.

The undercounter  water filter is placed under the sink, which enables to hide all unnecessary tubes and other technical things that are not usually liked by housewives. Hidden under the sink, the filter won’t spoil the decor of the kitchen. On the other hand, the attractive long reach faucet of the filter makes the place look more modern and even a bit futuristic.

The water filter is connected to the cold water tube through the EZ valve connector and dispenses clean fresh water through the faucet.

As for the holes needed to install the water filter in a proper way: for the faucet stud of all series all you need to have a 1/2″ hole; larger pre-drilled holes such as 12″ tall, 10″ wide, 5″ deep are accommodated with a cover plate included into the set.

The impressive product warranty – a three year warranty on cartridge and five year for all the other components, speakes for the quality and long life of the PUR water filter.

Replacement of the cartridge is made easy and convenient by means of the special chlorine test stripes which clearly  verify the time of replacement.

The dual unit is the nicest and the best for Fluoride Removal as it  removed with the Alumina Filter Cartridge  at the same time. It enables the system to remove all the activated alumina that can be in your water  after going through the filter to provide you and your family with clean healthy water.