6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System With Storage Tank Removes Fluoride

The fluoride water filter of this particular modification is practically ideal to achieve the highest overall removal rate: it ranges from 98 % to 99 % for the ultra-pure, and it shows 95 % for the drinking water.
The 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System almost completely removes such dangerous chemicals as chlorine and chloramines from the water. It also serves to greatly  improve the quality of tap water and reduce the bad odor and unpleasant taste of it. The sediment as well as dirt and rust are also successfully removed by the water filter of the system.

Dissolved solids (lead, nitrate, arsenic, fluoride, sodium, cooper, ammonia) and unnecessary minerals are removed by the filter up to 95-97 %.

The most of the work while water purification is made during six stages of deep filtration.
During the first stage of purification a five micron sediment filter removes all the dirt (rust) from the water. For longer life the filter must be replaced every six-twelve month.
During the second and the third stages of water purification carbon block filter of premium grade made of coconut shell removes all the chlorine as well as chloramine, unpleasant odor and taste from the tap water. the degree of purification is deeper. The block filter working on this stage must be replaced every six-twelve month as well.
During the fourth and the sixth stages of purification the membrane of a very high rejection (TFC/TFM-100GPD) starts working. The result of the fourth stage is 95%-97% removal of the mineral and chemical waste such as dissolved solids, especially silica and cooper, lead and ammonia, sodium and nitrate. The membrane should be replaced every twelve-twenty four month. Even the membrane is rather long lasting, nevertheless it is necessary to replace it according to the instruction.

During the fifth and the sixth stages of purification the special de-ionized filter starts working. Actually it evaluates the previous stages and keeps on removing the remains of chemical and mineral contents of the tap water achieving practically ideal water clearing (99%-100% removal rate). The filter must be replaced as needed or after about 600 up to 1000 gallons. The refillable clear casing for the filter comes with the set. The DI resin used inside changes its color: it is green when new and good for work, and turns dark brown when exhausted and needs to be removed.

Using any softening water system prior to RO+DI filter will much prolong the entire life of  all filters.
The whole system comes as a set including under-the-sink adapter,
four gallon pressure tank, long reach chrome dispensing faucet, drain clamp, shut off valve and tubing.
The set also includes several easy-connect adapters which can be optionally used for countertop installation, laundry room or garden house installation.